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Apr 2021

Winnipeg Free Press Collective Agreement

A controversial public servants` pay stop law was overturned in June by Manitoba`s Court of Queen`s Bench for violating the Freedom of Association of Public Servants under the Charter. The government made this decision in the Manitoba Court of Appeal. To submit a letter: Fill out the form on this page, or e-mail, or Mail to the Editor, 1355 Mountain Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2X 3B6. Four years ago, the 21-day strike took place, although the faculty and administration agreed to a slight increase in wages and commitments to cope with workload and protect employment. Although the agreement was not perfect, it was enough to put the university back into service. While this could discourage redundancies, the agreement allows them, in the case of the Free Press, to give up the pressure of a daily expense. If the University of Manitoba and its faculty association fail to reach an agreement this weekend, the institution will face its fourth strike in history on Monday. “This time, it`s hurting Manitoba Hydro workers and their jobs. The government is intervening and trying to force Manitoba Hydro to impose an additional two years of pay cuts for its employees,” said Mr.

Kinew.┬áThis is not a fair haggling, if you predetermine the result.┬áThis new agreement maintains the existing non-layoff clause and automatic wage cuts if the finances of the free press continue to be a challenge. From reducing emergency room admissions to Manitoba Hydro-Jobs, nothing stopped Pallister from cutting into the public service. Do you remember his request to the provinces, crown companies and universities to develop 10- and 20- and 30% reduction scenarios – at the beginning of the pandemic – when the money was free? The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers may take the hit, the letter suggests. “In this particular context of workers, we also find that the cumulative increases in basic pay of 6.5% compared to the previous one and the expiry of the collective agreement reduce the impact on IBEW workers.” Under the terms of the endorsement, management will not be able to make salary reductions until April 1, 2018 at the earliest.

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