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Apr 2021

User Agreements Site

There are a number of problems with the usage agreement that I have not been able to obtain, such as privacy policy, use of cookies, compensation, payment terms, CLUE, link to third parties, references to intellectual property, etc. Fortunately, you have resources to get more information. For example, the Association of Corporate Counsel Website has some useful documents. Similarly, a simple search on the web will generate a lot of good information. A website with useful material for user agreements is the PactSafe website. Your outside advice can also help. But the best is to look at the use agreements of other companies (for example. B Netflix, Amazon, Uber, Microsoft, etc.). Companies with good deals and a good reputation have the structure and conditions you want to add to your user contract.

The most important thing is that you/Legal take responsibility for the process of the agreement to use your business, that you regularly re-forward the agreement to keep you informed of the law, that you understand how the different parts of the agreement work, and that the agreement covers the things important to how your business operates on a daily basis and will move with a court when the time comes. Remember that content and clarity are the keys, and users should be able to find simple and intuitive information with your chords. The following example is how Amazon breaks down its return and refund agreement in other sections in order to clarify things for the user. Some agreements are more important than others in certain circumstances, either because of legal requirements or simply as an amenity for your users. So if the name in general doesn`t matter, are there times when your chords should be separated or named in some way? The short answer is yes. Your site probably already has links to your legal agreements somewhere, such as in a menu or in the footnote of the site, as HubSpot has: Use the site in a way that is illegal or contrary to these terms; The name, logo, certification marks and all names, logos, names of associated products and services, designs and slogans of Beloved Community or its associated companies or licensants are trademarks.

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