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Apr 2021

They Nodded In Agreement

If you say that someone has acquiesced, it means that they bow their heads and lift them up to signify their approval without having to say anything. She nodded to the waiter so he could bring the cake. I think you will notice that, in most cases, a person “blinking in agreement or acquiescing with his eyes or eyelids” is quite difficult to interpret as a “yes or a clear no.” So it`s no surprise that we don`t have a single word for that. I was expecting an argument, but she just nodded and went out. However, their description of “Nodding with his eyes and eyelids” sounds like a wink. A wink can certainly be used to indicate “You are in my secret,” and would often be accompanied by the most subtle head heads as a reference to tacit concordance. There is a more subtle version of it, which is quite common in the film, where character A is asked a question and character B essentially blinks in agreement or nods with the eyes or eyelids. They don`t move their heads, and they can say something, but usually when they haven`t used it to deliberately not clarify 100% of what character B intentions are. I can`t imagine a concrete example, but I`ve mostly seen it in high-voltage situations, when a group of characters is trying to determine which side of the fence each person is, or during interrogation scenes. As can be seen in some of the examples above, a wink is ambiguous in the absence of a small nod or other signal to confirm intent. Rather, it could mean (or be interpreted as) “Don`t believe me, I`m duplicated,” or even “be careful, it`s dangerous.” In other words, a wink might not indicate an agreement, or conversely, it might actually indicate an agreement, but it might not be interpreted in this way. Context, knowledge of the other person and body language are all here! .

My SO told me that I often did it instead or in relation to a nod. I thought it was cultural, but now I wonder if it`s because I`ve always lived with cats, 🙂 1-300, 301-600, 601-900, close and quickly open an eye, typically to indicate that something is a joke or a secret or as a signal of affection or greeting. “They`re having fun,” she says, nodding to the kids on the beach. I searched for it too, but I couldn`t find the word. “Long blinking” or “slow blinking” are the closest use I`ve found, which clearly describe the act. John nods again with his eyes: “We should talk about it in private, Paul. So we don`t bother other workers. “Was it a yes?” Please confirm the audio recording orally. “Paul, were you or were you not in the suspects` house two nights ago?” ” asks Officer John.

After the meeting, Paul goes straight up to John and is threatening. John nods with his eyes and guards the attention of the other colleagues in the room. “So I hear you`re going to fire Tom?” asks Paul.

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