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Apr 2021

Share Sale Agreement What Is

10.4 In the event of termination of the contract by [-] pursuant to this clause 10, neither party has any claim of any kind against the other party under that agreement (except for all rights and commitments of the parties born prior to termination). Most of the time, a share purchase agreement is not the document that influences the transfer of shares from seller to buyer. This is usually done through a separate document, as it is a unilateral validation form. While the share purchase agreement defines the terms of the sale, the transfer is the instrument that attests to the transfer and on which the company will rely to register the change of ownership. Your share purchase agreement should be the question of whether action should be taken before the sale. A common example is an invitation to a key contract holder (for example. B a supplier essential to the company) to commit not to terminate its contract if the business is transferred to the buyer. This is called “change of control.” A share purchase agreement is itself a private document and it is not necessary to submit it to Companies House. However, you should inform Companies House of the change in the holding of shares in the target company`s next annual performance.

The buyer follows in the seller`s footsteps as a shareholder or director, but the employees, contracts, real estate, etc. of the company remain the property of the company. The transfer of the company`s assets is therefore not necessary, so a sale of shares can often be completed without the participation of third parties. The purchase of shares is therefore often much more discreet than a purchase of assets. The share purchase agreement is an agreement in which all conditions are concluded when it comes to selling and buying the company`s shares. This is not the same as an Asset Purchase contract in which assets are bought and sold in place of shares. The following are stated in a share purchase agreement: a letter of intent is formed before the agreement is reached to explain the proposed sale. A buyer must have due diligence and must ensure that the sales contract and the MEMORANDUM of understanding have the same conditions. The seller should specifically examine the sales and purchasing sector as well as the area of guarantees and representations. The sales and purchasing sector should have exactly the same conditions as the MOU.

If differences are found, they are likely due to the buyer`s duty of care and must be negotiated before the purchase agreement is concluded. The terms of compensation eventually granted by the buyer or seller are also presented, which covers all costs that may result from the transaction due to conditions that were met prior to the closing of the transaction. A special tax treatment to which the buyer or seller may be entitled is also mentioned in the contract.

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