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Apr 2021

Sb 2 Standard Agreement

Limited to local governments (cities and counties). Local governments can cooperate with other types of governments or institutions through legally binding agreements where the proposal has a direct impact on the use or development of land within the locality. San Joaquin Valley Sara Allinder: rewards can be found in the SB2 Planning Grants map. Please contact your TA team for technical assistance. In agreement with stakeholders, developers, planners, local governments and scientists, OHCHR has developed six areas of action that ultimately develop proven practices to streamline housing permits, accelerate housing production and make housing more welcoming. HCD`s technical assistance teams provide toolkits and resources to help local governments implement these strategies. . Orange County Colin Drukker: . In 2017, Governor Brown signed a 15-bill housing package aimed at addressing the housing shortage and the high cost of state housing. . Sierra Nevada Region Adam Lewandowski: Charlie Knox: The graph below shows how revenues are distributed. Central Coast Region Amy Sinsheimer: .

For more information, please see the following guidelines. Los Angeles County Jonathan Nettler: Colin Drukker: . Greater Sacramento Region Jennifer Gastelum: Heidi Gen Kuong: . Look at new tools and resources, p.B. toolkits, model regulations, best practices and more. For more information on technical assistance, the Association of Bay Area Government`s Housing Policy and Data Explorer, visit the Technical Assistance to Accelerate Housing Production website. Inland Empire/Imperial County Mark Hoffman: Colin Drukker: Specifically, it included the Building Homes and Jobs Act (SB 2, 2017), which provides a registration fee of $US 75 for real estate documents to increase the supply of affordable apartments in California. Monterey Bay Region Charlie Knox: Amy Sinsheimer: – Candidates proposing activities in at least one of the priority areas below are automatically considered an inclusion to accelerate housing production without further demonstration: .

8 months after NOFA`s release date, which expires November 30, 2019, HCD, in coordination with the Governor`s Office of Planning and Research (OPR), is working with a team led by PlaceWorks, Inc. to provide technical assistance to applicants throughout the application period. The TA team will work closely with regions, sub-regions and counties to help legal systems identify activities and provide best practice tools that will contribute to the goal of accelerating housing production. Jurisdictions may request assistance from the HCD, THE OPR or any of PlaceWork`s regional link points listed below. . San Francisco Bay Area Joanna Jansen: Charlie Knox: Sacramento Area Council of Government`s Housing Policy Toolkit The objectives of the technical assistance program provided by the HCD, OPR and PlaceWorks consulting team are as follows: As the number of real estate transactions varies from year to year in each county, revenues will fluctuate.

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