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Sep 2021

Cnn Middle East Peace Agreement

One must be motivated by close interests to attack the agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. Peace is a good thought, isn`t it? Michael Anton gives an overview of Israel`s signing of two historic peace agreements and responds to Nancy Pelosi`s criticism of the agreements After Rabin`s assassination in 1995, the peace process came to a halt. Relations between Israelis and Palestinians became furious when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slowed diplomatic momentum towards Oslo, mainly due to security concerns. His successor, Prime Minister Ehud Barak, quickly improved relations with the Palestinians after his recent election and promised to accelerate the peace process by September 2000 on the path to a final agreement. Last month, CNN Tonight anchor Don Lemon used the peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates to mock Trump after National Security Adviser Robert O`Brien proposed nominating the president for a Nobel Peace Prize. I`m not convinced of the weight of the F35 buying argument. Was the agreement decisive in achieving this objective? I am skeptical. CNN appeared to bury the leaders by sounding the alarm at the White House event commemorating the historic peace agreement between Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain. Five countries that could make peace with Israel, celebrate the agreement as a monumental breakthrough, is clearly exaggerated. It serves the political needs of Trump and Netanyahu. It could also serve the UAE`s attitude towards Iran.

Peace is good. Friendly relations between belligerent states in a fragile and conflict-ridden region? It`s an hallelujah moment, it seems at first glance. But despite the hype, the agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (known as the “Abraham Agreement”) announced Thursday by President Trump to normalize relations between the two countries is not a miracle of biblical magnitude. It is a cold and harsh political opportunism that is taken to the detriment of the Palestinians. It is a political theater where Palestinians and the remnants of their homeland provide a comfortable backdrop. The UAE may want to present itself as an Arab Palestinian savior and want to remove Israel from the brink of illegal annexation of more Palestinian land, but the reality is that the Palestinians and their rights have nothing to do with it.

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