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Sep 2021

California Skilled Nursing Facility Admission Agreement

(b) The accreditation contract for organizations certified for reimbursement by Medi-Cal must include, in capital letters of at least 10 points, the prohibition in section 14110.8 of the Welfare and Institution Act that no organization may require or require, as a condition of accreditation, that a Medi Cal beneficiary sign or co-sign the accreditation contract by a responsible party. If the Medi Cal beneficiary has an agent, the agent`s signature may be required in the licensing contract. (a) each long-term institution shall immediately and free of charge make available to the public, at its request, complete copies of its admission contract; (a) before or at the time of admission, the body shall endeavour to communicate the content of the contract to the person to be admitted to the establishment and to obtain the signature on the contract. If the potential resident has not been declared disabled or is unable to understand and sign the contract due to his or her state of health, he or she must sign or co-sign the admission contract. In the event that the patient cannot sign the contract, the reason is documented by the host physician in the resident`s medical record. This provision does not preclude the entity from obtaining the signature of a representative, a responsible party or a legal representative, if necessary.

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