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Apr 2021

Baby Nurse Agreement

Without clarity on these key elements, there will likely be differences of opinion and there will be less confidence on both sides. This can affect those first magical days with your new baby. Given that this is the time when most new mothers feel turbulent emotions. Sweet hostesses are expected as well as attachment to their baby. Managing their own health and birth experience, managing all areas of maternity nursing tasks could be an additional level of stress. That is why a clear contract frees both parties. The new mom can relax and enjoy her baby, knowing that the nurse mother is available to support her. And the mother`s nurse can give all her care and attention to the mother and the baby without a doubt on her domestic position. We are in favour of a contract coming into effect before the baby arrives, and it does not have to be a complex document.

As long as both parties are clear about obligations and responsibilities. We believe that a maternity nurse contract is essential. Word-of-mouth agreements usually end very badly for all parties involved. The memory is fallible and even if the conclusion of an agreement is totally consensual, there will often be things that both parties have misunderstood, misunderstood or simply forgotten. 8) INTRODUCTION: The client undertakes not to enter into a private agreement with the nanny to which BBN relates, or to take measures that are inconsistent with this Agreement or that have the effect of avoiding the Client`s obligations under this Agreement. These agreements and private acts are not limited to actions that would allow the client or any other person to avoid payment of the deposit tax or BBN intermediation fee. The Client undertakes to compensate BBN for the intermediation costs covered in paragraph 2 of this Agreement if the client hires or transfers a nanny to a third party who hires Nanny`s services within two years of the introduction or passes them on to a third party. 2) NOUNOU REFERRAL: BBN personally identifies, receives and gives the client access to up to 5 available nanny candidates. The client must then decide, at the sole discretion of the client, which nanny may hire. Second, the customer is solely responsible for the nanny relationship and all contracts or agreements between the customer and nanny in the future, and BBN is not a party to this agreement or such a contract.

BBN does not accept or guarantee that a candidate will accept a job or is available if the client offers it. 9) INDEMNIFICATION: the client becomes BBN and its members, directors, directors, senior executives, employees, staff officers, representatives and beneficiaries of the assignment (the “representatives of the BBN”) of and against all claims, losses, receivables, competent court, undertakings, obligations, means, remedies, expenses, costs, including legal fees and legal fees (cumulative “claims”), to the extent that such claims result from a breach of a provision of this agreement or agreement, and/or (b) any act or omission or intentional misconduct of the client, unless such claims are the result of negligence or intentional misconduct by BBN.

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