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Sep 2021

Australian Energy Market Agreement As Amended In December 2013

13C…. When an energy law of a state/territory imposes an obligation………… 25 Energy Consumers Australia was established in 2015 as an initiative of the COAG Energy Council to engage in energy market issues of strategic and material importance to energy consumers. 2. Provisions may be adopted providing for the interpretation of a single energy law as a Commonwealth law. In particular, the regulations may provide that the single energy law in force as a Commonwealth law does not apply: Schedule 1 (Items 46, 47): 12 Apr. 2013 (see ยง 2,1)) The AER Board is an independent entity composed of three legally required members. Ms. Paula Conboy is a full-time President. The act provides that a member of the AER must be an ACCC Commissioner appointed by the Commonwealth.

Ms Cristina Cifuentes was appointed in this capacity on 30 May 2013. M. Jim Cox began on September 9, 2013 as a current member of the AER Board of Directors for a 12-month term. Mr. Cox was subsequently appointed as a full-time member of the Board of Directors for a three-year term beginning June 26, 2014. The AER monitors, reviews and enforces compliance with the national energy framework, which includes the national electricity law and national electricity rules, as well as the national gas law and national gas regulations. The essential functions and powers of the AER in terms of monitoring, investigation and implementation are defined in Article 15 of the Electricity Act and Article 27 of the Gas Act. 1. An energy law of a state/territory may delegate functions or powers to the Commonwealth Minister or impose obligations for the purposes of this Act.

The Energy Council of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) is advancing energy reform, including regulatory harmonisation. The AER is responsible for the economic regulation of electricity transmission and distribution networks and gas transmission and distribution pipelines in all Australian jurisdictions except Western Australia. Transmission concerns the transmission of energy (electricity and gas) from the source of production (generators or gas fields) to large final consumers and distributors. Energy is transported through transmission networks (electricity wires and gas pipelines) that extend throughout Australia. Distribution lines and power grids connect transmission systems to end users. 1. This Section shall apply where an energy law of a State/Territory imposes an obligation on the Commonwealth Minister. The Australian Energy Market Agreement provided for two institutions that oversee the Australian energy market: Note 2: The functions and powers conferred on the National Competition Council by a state/territory energy law are dealt with in Section 29BA of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. 13J….. Jurisdiction of a State or Territorial Court under a Uniform Energy Act 30, Part 2 – Application of Energy Laws as Laws of the Commonwealth 9 The Australian Energy Regulatory Authority (AER) is Australia`s national energy market regulatory authority. .

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