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Sep 2021

Article 22 Of The Cupe Local 4207 Unit 1 Collective Agreement

In accordance with Article 22 of CUPE Local 4207, Unit 1, Collective Agreement The venue requested conciliation after a series of seven meetings with the employer that did not result in a serious discussion on key issues important to our membership, nor to a great linguistic progress […] On Friday, October 27, ESL Unit 3 instructors ratified the provisional collective agreement signed on October 20 by their bargaining committee. Pending ratification by the employer, negotiations on the third collective agreement have thus been concluded […] COAL has published the solidarity pact signed by nine indigenous people. This is a first step in coordinated negotiations between CUPE academics in Ontario. We recently ratified a collective agreement, a provisional copy of which is available here. This agreement is now in force and runs from 12 December 2019 to 31 August 2022. Please note that the above provisional agreement is being processed for consistency reasons. We will publish the final draft as soon as it is available. The collective agreement governs part-time instructors, teaching assistants, laboratory protesters, course coordinators and marker positions at Brock University. The agreement can be found on the Human Resources website – The tasks and responsibilities of the teaching assistant are in accordance with Article 22 of CUPE Local 4207, Unit 1, Collective Agreement. These consist of the scheduled time of contact with students and teaching time outside of teaching (including preparation of seminar materials, consultation of students, grading or marking, proctoration of exams, attendance at courses, organization of consultation hours and other necessary courses).

Saturday, December 17 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CUPE Regional Office at 110A, Hannover Drive in St. Catharines Essen included. The local organizes a one-day workshop on strike prevention / strike preparation […] A collective agreement is a legally binding discussion document that describes all your benefits (including wages), rights and obligations as McMaster employees. It also describes all the responsibilities and obligations of the employer (McMaster). We received the “No Board” report from the Ministry of Labour. Local Unit 1 will be in a legal strike position on March 3. This does not mean that the strike is […] At least 20 members of our local addictions have requested a special meeting of members to discuss negotiations between Unit 3 and the university (for the process of convening a special GMM, see our article 6 statutes […] Our Native has joined the Coalition of Academic Locals of Ontario. COAL represents a group of Indigenous people working together on common goals. Nine of CUPE Ontario`s academic bargaining units are or will soon be in […] To view the 2011-2016 collective agreement, click here.

The gathering for equity for academic staff at Brock was great. The strong gusts of wind tilted under our wings! There was a lot of support from 4207 members, students, BUFA, CUPE 1295 and Canadians […] UNIT 3 The bargaining committee adopted, on the 20th A provisional collective agreement was concluded at conciliation on 1 October 2017. THE RATIFICATION MEETING HAS YET TO BE ANNOUNCED. On Friday, September 23, Unit 2 ratified its collective agreement. Collective bargaining between CUPE 4207 Unit 2 and the university will thus be completed by the imminent end of the three-year contract on 30 June 2019. . .

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